Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why Do You Need A Home Inspector (part 2 of 2)

Aside from estimating the value of the property, home inspection can also help the seller determine any weak aspects of their home. Infrastructure problems when left unattended can create bigger damage, lower the value and price of the property, and even endanger those who are living in it.  

Even minor problems, could even affect the homebuyer’s decision.  Remember that first impressions make lasting impact.  Whether it is the home’s appearance or structure that needs to be addressed, having a home inspection would be able to give the homeowners time to repair the damage and improve its marketability.

Pre-sale home inspection also has other benefits for the seller of the house.  Other than weak points in the structure that needs to be improved, it would also help homeowners and sellers determine good aspects of the house.  These property highlights can be maximized in marketing their homes which can be the deciding point for those potential buyers.

Sellers would also be able to avoid any disclosure lawsuit.  Disclosure lawsuit starts when the buyer reports a defect to the seller and the seller acknowledges it.  After closing the purchase, the reported defect can actually become a major problem which can result into lawsuits and thousands of dollars.  A seller who gets a home inspector to check and evaluate the house, shows his seriousness and honesty to the seller.

Home inspection would also make buyers more acquainted with the house they are interested in buying.  Potential homeowners would be able to identify the location of utility system switches (pump switches, heating and cooling filters).  Buyers would also get enough information on maintaining the home and making in functional in the years to come.

Getting a professional, like a home inspector, to evaluate, review and recommend on repairs in crucial when making a sale or closing a deal.  Especially, if you want your house to get its rightful value.

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