Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why Do You Need A Home Inspector (part 1 of 2)


Home inspectors are professionals whose job description is inspect the structure and safety of a home before selling or purchasing it.  In a 2001 survey, there are about 77 % potential and selling home owners who would employ a home inspector to evaluate their house before foregoing with any purchase or deal.

Why is it necessary to get a home inspector?  Is home inspection, something that homeowners and potential home owners could do on their own?

The good thing about getting a home inspector in that this could either give you clarity or could give you substantial reasons to go or cancel the purchase.  Though, home inspectors are not in the position to give you advise on whether to purchase a home, there are professionals that can give you a comprehensive look on the status of a home.

Even if you are an experienced homeowner, you would still need an assistance of a home inspector.  They are better equipped with knowledge and expertise about evaluating the structure status of homes.  For example, if there are water marks in the basement, it could be due to two reasons:  water seepage or just an accident.  A home inspector would be able to identify these things for homeowners.

Homebuyers are becoming very particular on the condition of the house they are buying.  Of course, a house is a major investment and requires a great deal of fund.  Homebuyers are very keen on shelling their money on a valuable and sturdy structure.  Realtors and homebuyers rely on home inspection results to come up with a realistic value for the house.

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